cheaper alternative stands out and is much more successful. A great example of this was in the movie Josh Hartnett stared in called 40 days and 40 nights. In this movie, he simply took a girl (the girl whose heart he ended up winning (played by Shannyn Sossamon)) on a bus ride. That was his idea of the perfect first date. If you haven't seen the movie, get a copy if for no other reason than to see how successful this date was.

So the simple idea with organising a cheap, successful date is to use your imagination. Here are some starters to whet your appetite.

A DVD movie marathon - you both bring a DVD or two over and cuddle up on a couch all night watching them.
Go window shopping; pet shops, antique shops, luxury cars and boats can be great opportunities for interesting days out. Just leave your credit card at home.
Go back to your childhood and do something you loved to, like play on the swings in a park.
Exercise options; go for a walk at the beach, a ride in the hills, a roller blade anywhere
Make the journey the date - the bus idea above is a great example of this. But you can plan a whole day based on the travel experience, incorporating public transport, bikes, walking, anything, and the destination isn't really important...(or could lead into the next date)
Combine some of the above ideas

All a free date requires is some imagination, and some planning. We hope we have given you a few ideas to play with or develop. Good luck, and remember to have fun, and be yourself, no matter where you take your date.

One of my friends continually goes through a routine when dating. Its like she is caught up in her own dating groundhog day. For most of her life, she has been single. She spends lots of time in clubs, bars, going to the races, all the places you would expect she would go so she can meet men. She invests a lot of time doing this. Every so often, she meets someone she really likes and they start dating. A few weeks later, something changes, she gets confused and he disappears from her life.

I bolded the main part of my question and the main parts of what happened...since this is kinda long. The rest is background info. Thanks!

I went on a date yesterday. I met the girl online. She was maybe a 7/10. She showed extreme amounts of interest (texting me all day every day before the date, double checking on the time of the date the day of every 2 hours, etc). When we met up at the bar we went was on. However, the first thing she wanted to do was sit down to talk. I said I hate sitting down, coz once I sit I can't get back up (this was a lie...the reason I hate sitting down is b/c I can never go in for the kiss sitting down. I've only been able to do it standing in front of a girl. That is why I refused to sit).

Anyway, she was like ok. However......she ended up sitting on a bar stool at the bar, while I stood up the whole time...which fucked up my plans. Despite this, I was saying all the right things, she was laughing,