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If he can’t trust me, then we need to break up anyhow because that means its not a good relationship to start with.

I can’t believe there are men who check up on their women. That is so disrespectful and I have dumped men for doing stupid shit like “looking at my cell” (rude as shit) and looking at my computer or private stuff, drawers, closets, or anything else.

Its fucking psycho to question and check up on your partner.

If you know you’re the best woman for him and never doubt it, he won’t doubt it either.

Showing indifference is always best for men. You don’t want to encourage their poorer behaviors or else they think they can flirt.

You simply stop taking his calls, stop seeing him, and definitely cut off any/all sex even with a live in partner until he shapes up. Give him a week of being ignore and if he hasn’t apologized yet by then, dump him.

Lady Raine Says:
June 26, 2010 at 11:32 PM
No More Mr Nice Guy said:

Iceland is not the most feminist country in the world, it’s one of the stupidest country in the world. Do they really think that they will stop the sex industry ? And that the men that go to strip-club and see prostitutes will stop doing it ? They will just do that in another country. And saying that the sex industry is a threat to equality between men and women is stupid as well, women that work in the sex industry make more money than men. I’m sure that these same feminists must approve women that wear the Burka.